Full-Service Design and Build for Dry Rooms

Clients depend on CleanSpace throughout dry room projects — from design, through construction, to turnover— providing a coordinated and cohesive environment.

Low Humidity Dry Rooms, Delivered Fast

Excellence, communication, and reliability are the pillars of our work ethic.

Tight barrier envelopes ensure successful project start-up. Inadequate sealing in your dry rooms can lead to delays, production disruptions, and potential product defects. No matter the end application for your dry room, you need someone who can respond quickly to your questions and needs. Leave your entire dry room manufacturing project to us, and we will align your vision with our execution

CleanSpace met with us, listened and understood our challenge to grow our business very rapidly across multiple locations in the US.
Confidential Client
  • Dry room engineering
  • Dry room design
  • Dry room classifications
  • Dry room manufacturing
  • Dry cleanrooms
  • Dry room lights
  • Dry room doors
  • Dry room wall panels
  • Dry room testing
  • Dry room certification
  • Dry room validation
  • Air showers and pass throughs

Leave Dry Room Design, Manufacturing, and Construction to Us

One company, one contract, and many touch points in between to keep owners apprised of the dry room project’s progress.

Single-Source of Responsibility

A single-point of contact fosters a culture of openness, trust, and responsibility, leading to dynamic adjustments, higher quality outcomes, and enhanced client satisfaction.

Active Executive Team Engagement

Our top executive talent is not only in charge of your modular dry room project, but actively involved in the process. Every client receives individualized attention.

Industry Experience and Reputation

With 20 years of deep technical knowledge of complex critical space manufacturing operations, our team masterfully designs high-functioning cleanrooms.

Critical Solutions for Your Critical Environment