Fully Integrated Cleanroom Services

Maintain the highest level of cleanliness and ease of use in cleanrooms designed and built by a single expert vendor. CleanSpace accelerates project execution seamlessly with in-house design, manufacturing, and construction.

Your Complex Projects, Made As Easy As Possible.

Speed to market Is at the forefront of all cleanroom projects.

Integrated project delivery allows CleanSpace to own the entire modular cleanroom process from design to turnover, relieving the pressure of working with multiple vendors. Leave your cleanroom project to experts who set expectations up front, communicate throughout the project, and ensure the highest quality of not just your cleanroom, but your facility build as a whole.

Clients Trust Our Leading Cleanroom Manufacturing Company

CleanSpace met with us, listened and understood our challenge to grow our business very rapidly across multiple locations in the US. They responded quickly and developed a complete program to get us to a successful completion. We have worked with other firms before, yet CleanSpace has gone above and beyond to help us succeed.
Confidential Client

Let Us Protect Your Complex Processes with Start-to-Finish Cleanroom Manufacturing

Having systems in place to control your critical environment’s cleanliness, temperature, and humidity protects your process, and allows you to focus on moving your mission forward.

Single-Source of Responsibility

A single-point of contact fosters a culture of openness, trust, and responsibility, leading to dynamic adjustments, higher quality outcomes, and enhanced client satisfaction.

Active Executive Team Engagement

Our top executive talent is not only in charge of your modular cleanroom project, but actively involved in the process. Every client receives individualized attention.

Industry Experience and Reputation

With 20 years of deep technical knowledge of complex clean space manufacturing operations, our team masterfully designs high-functioning cleanrooms.

Critical Solutions for Your Critical Environment