Stand-Alone Cleanroom Services

Join forces with us and discover how our dedication to excellence enhances your client relationships. Harness our expertise in cleanroom regulations, design, manufacturing, and construction to guarantee mutual success for you and your clients.

Augment Your Project Team with Our Cleanroom Specialists

Architecture, engineering, and construction teams work with us to support complex cleanroom projects. Firms choose our products for their superior features: panels resistant to rigorous cleaning routines, durable finishes for daily upkeep, well-designed airlocks for personnel and material flow, and wall protection that upholds quality. Each element is crafted with movement in mind, helping to ensure cleanrooms last. Beyond our manufactured components, our deep experience and breadth of cleanroom knowledge will help you maximize your clients budget and meet critical timelines.

Leading Cleanroom Suppliers, Contractors, Design Consultants

Design Assist Services for AEC Firms

Evolve your project into an efficient modular solution. Our design assist services enable seamless integration of standard modular components, optimizing cost-effectiveness and accelerating fabrication and construction. Engage us early to effectively incorporate our modular system, ensuring cost and schedule efficiencies.

Modularization of Fully Developed Designs

For designs already in place, our team conducts a thorough constructability review, ensuring standardization and modular integration. We focus on refining your design, emphasizing efficiency and practicality.

Construction Administration and Support

Beyond design, CleanSpace provides comprehensive construction administration, support, or execution ensuring design integrity and adapting to facility conditions or client needs.

Collaborative Coordination with AEC Partners

Our team was renovating a GMP facility which will process a COVID-19 vaccine. In the course of this renovation we had a critical supplier and service not able to deliver which would have significantly delayed our renovation. We called CleanSpace who quickly responded, sourced the appropriate materials and mobilized within days to keep our project on track. We certainly appreciate the effort!
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