CleanSpace’s Sustainability Promise

Taking accountability for our impact on the environment, every day.

Sustainable Cleanrooms: Minimizing Carbon Footprints with Every Build

To us, our clients, and the world, sustainability matters. Over the past few years, we improved accountability around our environmental impact by making a range of changes to how we operate. Our carbon intensity is independently assessed through detailed carbon accounting, allowing us to accurately measure the carbon output of our business as we strive for carbon neutral facilities across the globe.

Some significant operational efficiens we’ve made include:

UP TO 98% RECYCLABLE aluminum honeycomb core panels

35% recycled materials used in manufacturing wall & ceiling panels

90% waste materials recycled during the manufacturing process

Living Our Promise—Climate Neutral Now Achievement Report

Participant: Gilcrest Manufacturing Ltd Reporting period: 2021

Based on guidelines set by the United Nations, our work is assessed in three steps (Measure, Reduce, Contribute), according to the criteria shown in the Figure 1. In 2021, our UK manufacturing partner Gilcrest scored high marks in all three categories, showing the impact of our sustainability commitment at work.

Initiatives to Build a More Sustainable World

Our commitment to a healthier, more sustainable climate goes beyond designing, manufacturing, and building efficient cleanrooms. Here are other initiatives we’ve helped push forward that contribute to a better world for all.

Sustainability in Action: Wind Farms in India

As part of the efforts to help reduce our carbon footprint, we helped fund the construction of a wind farm in Madhya Pradesh, India in 2021. This 100.5 MW wind power project consisted of 67 wind turbine generators, each generating clean electricity by harnessing wind energy. This project became  a pivotal step toward improving the infrastructure of a less-developed area in an environmentally friendly way.

Key Project Outcomes:

  • Fully Carbon Neutral by 2035
  • Improved local energy infrastructure 
  • 400 trees planted
  • Saved wildlife by producing energy from green sources

Sustainability in Action: Planting Trees in the UK

In 2022, we fully funded an IFT (International Tree Foundation) project which planted over 400 native trees in Middleton-on-the-Wolds, UK. Sites that received these trees are readily accessible to the public, on rights of way, and in community green spaces so the project could maximize the benefit to both people and wildlife.

Key Project Outcomes:

  • Reduced the impact of disease in the area and improved canopy cover for various species of wildlife
  • Used as a case study to highlight the physical and mental wellbeing benefits of having trees.
  • Strengthened the community by providing more greenery