Collaborative Dry Room Manufacturing Processes

Collaborate with CleanSpace on your dry room project. Our partners outperform their clients’ expectations with solutions that scale.

Partner with Dry Room Experts

CleanSpace helps architecture, engineering, and construction firms reduce their workloads and increase process efficiency, maintaining the project’s schedule, budget, and quality. Our expert process architects will integrate and collaborate with your team to fully understand the manufacturing process and customize the facility layout around the dry room’s workflow. By leveraging everyone’s experience and communicating properly with all trades and project managers, we sustain a calm and orderly work environment.

Dry Room Services for Reliable Humidity-Controlled Environments

Dry Room Design Assist

Elevate your dry room project’s potential by engaging with our team early in the design phase. Rely on our process architects to effectively integrate modular systems, crucial for maintaining the specific environmental needs. This method ensures efficiency in cost and accelerates the development and construction stages.

Modularization of Fully Developed Dry Room Designs

Our experts engage in a detailed evaluation of existing dry room designs to integrate modular components effectively. This examination optimizes your design for modularity, boosting the critical environment’s functionality and efficiency.

BIM Coordination and Dry Room Construction

CleanSpace offers extensive project management services through the BIM model. We work with AEC firms to get the job done quicker together. Our specialized knowledge in dry room construction promises seamless execution and successful operation, adhering to the strict environmental standards these rooms demand.

Our team was renovating a GMP facility which will process a COVID-19 vaccine. In the course of this renovation we had a critical supplier and service not able to deliver which would have significantly delayed our renovation. We called CleanSpace who quickly responded, sourced the appropriate materials and mobilized within days to keep our project on track. We certainly appreciate the effort!
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