Construction and Labor Forces That Power Your Processes

CleanSpace’s in-house labor force and construction services provide the highest level of control for your project. This talented team delivers our best work for clients every day.

Cleanroom Builders You Can Trust

Our labor force specializes in constructing all cleanrooms, dry rooms, and cold storage systems. Highly skilled in modular panelized installations and project site management, our technical experts act in real time with the highest levels of precision and cost-effective methodologies. Rest assured that our labor force has been thoroughly vetted, highly endorsed, and known for delivering top-quality work.

Consistent, Qualified Construction and Installation Services

CleanSpace’s experienced crew streamlines modular cleanroom construction, ensures high-quality panel installation, and guarantees customer satisfaction.

Direct oversight and control over the quality of work

No third-party contractors and external schedule management

Faster project start up with an in-house team ready to begin

Enhanced communication and collaboration with a cohesive team

Easily adapt to changes and provides flexible solutions

Hire Our Construction Team and Labor Force for Your Next Project