Critical Cold  Room Construction

Cold room design, construction, and installation to achieve the temperature, humidity, and cleanliness required for your critical environments.

Temperature-Controlled Cold Rooms Ensure Product Safety and Quality

Modular cold rooms support critical food and beverage, pharmaceutical, biologics, and biopharma processes by ensuring optimal temperature control. Without maintaining the right temperatures, your products risk losing efficacy, leading to financial loss and non-compliance with strict regulatory standards. CleanSpace’s temperature-controlled environments safeguard the integrity of your processes.

Required Temperature and Classification for Cold Storage Rooms

CleanSpace manufactures dry room wall panels and modular dry rooms that maintain the critical environment’s temperature, humidity, and air pressure requirements. We specialize in ISO 2 and ISO 3 dry rooms. Launch operations promptly with full confidence in your dry room’s ability to eliminate dust and air particles from contaminating your assembly processes.


Every system in your facility build is critical. Through integrated project delivery, CleanSpace designs, builds, manufactures, and installs your cold room to keep your entire project on time and on budget. Our industry veterans are familiar with common pitfalls, hurdles, and gaps in cold room manufacturing to alleviate pressure cold room owners may feel.

Cold Room Integrated Project Delivery and AEC Partnerships

Cold Rooms for Temperature and Humidity Sensitive Products

CleanSpace’s deep industry experience and technical ability allow us to deliver high quality cleanrooms faster and easier than traditional solutions


Life-changing biotechnologies emerge from cleanrooms that perform. Using our deep experience around the nuances of life science applications, CleanSpace creates compliant environments that support R&D, clinical trials, and manufacturing for biotech companies, removing barriers in the way of getting to market fast.

In the pharmaceutical space, our goal is our client’s goal: to enable safe products, free of contamination. We achieve that by providing efficient, flexible, and compliant dry rooms for manufacturing blister packaging, pills, liquid formulations, and other medicinal products.

From operating theaters to other healthcare spaces that demand a controlled environment, hospitals need high quality cleanrooms to provide the best patient care possible. CleanSpace offers cost-efficient, flexible solutions that meet the functional needs of these critical heartcare spaces.

CleanSpace Is a World Leader in Cleanroom Manufacturing


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