Modular Design Solutions for Your Critical Environments

Collaborative design services optimize facility layouts for the critical people, technology, and material flows required in your cleanroom, dry room, or cold room.

From Concept Design to Implementation and Every Step in Between

CleanSpace’s process architects and cleanroom design consultants integrate with your team to fully understand your business. We listen to user requirements, set goals and objectives, and align on processes, equipment, timelines, and budgets. Utilizing concept design, CleanSpace customizes a design package that ensures the critical environment will be constructable, the facility functional, and the systems maintainable.

Concept phase deliverables will include:

  • Executive summary with problem and solution overview
  • Project execution strategy
  • Brief systems description (architectural, HVAC, mechanical, electrical, etc.)
  • Floor plans (equipment arrangement, room classification, etc.)
  • Project planning with cost and schedule

Meet the Unique Requirements of Your Facility with Process Architecture

Trust our experts to create design solutions that get every detail exactly right, while optimizing processes and throughput in your critical environments.

Provide deep technical experience

Maximize the usable space in your facility

Know specifics of equipment and tools required

Simplify transitions between clean spaces

Solve challenges early and reduce risk

Are you ready for the cleanroom design development process?

Work with CEO and Founder George Wiker, our expert process architect, to improve the speed and efficiency, provoke dialogue for alignment, and consider key decision points as you prepare for your next project.