Clean Spaces That Support Every Aspect of Modern Life

Today more than ever, innovation moves fast. Across almost every industry, companies and organizations need high quality cleanrooms to move their missions forward. CleanSpace’s proprietary client solutions and decades of wide-ranging experience allow us to deliver cleanrooms efficiently, while understanding the unique nuances of life science, technology, healthcare, and commercial application needs.

Academic Biotech

From R&D to conducting clinical trials, academia plays a critical role in advancing the life-changing biotechnologies of tomorrow. Our high-value, low cost cleanrooms support their mission by providing flexible solutions that offer unparalleled performance, giving institutions the confidence that outcomes are accurate and free of contamination.

Academic Technology

Tomorrow’s technologies depend on reliable, efficient cleanrooms. Our dry room solutions help the world’s top academic institutions refine existing technologies and create new ones. Using the latest industry innovations, we create flexible, controlled environments free of dust and debris so every hypothesis that institutions test has a fair chance at trial.


The next aerospace breakthroughs begin on the ground in dependable clean spaces. We support the aerospace industry from R&D to large-scale manufacturing and everything in between. Any impurity throughout these processes can cause major disruptions, which is why we’re committed to providing the most flexible, efficient, and reliable dry room solutions that fit this industry’s needs.

Animal Health

CleanSpace helps power testing, research, trials, vivariums, and full-scale manufacturing around animal health by providing sterile, efficient cleanrooms that work. Animal health companies make a promise every day that their products are safe; Cleanspace creates the critical environments to ensure they can keep that promise.


The need for battery research and manufacturing grows larger each day. With years of experience in this industry, CleanSpace creates the controlled dry rooms leading battery manufacturers need to produce the products that power our modern life. Our proprietary, modular solutions offer flexibility and efficiency while maintaining the highest standard of purity.


Life-changing biotechnologies emerge from cleanrooms that perform. Using our deep experience around the nuances of life science applications, CleanSpace creates compliant environments that support R&D, clinical trials, and manufacturing for biotech companies, removing barriers in the way of getting to market fast.


CDMO and CRO companies require highly technical, compliant spaces to function. We provide cleanroom solutions that offer unparalleled speed-to-market, adaptability, and efficacy, including spaces that allow for aseptic processing. In addition, our proprietary modular build system gives companies the flexibility to easily reconfigure spaces as processes develop.

Cell & Gene

For companies working on cell and gene therapies, the difference between success and error can rest on how their cleanrooms function. From research, to trials, and manufacturing, CleanSpace’s client-first experience ensures companies in personalized medicine receive cleanrooms that accommodate their needs, while remaining flexible enough to scale with evolving processes.

Compounding Pharmacies

Combining or altering drug ingredients to meet patients’ unique needs requires precision. Careful consideration should also be given to the controlled environment’s design to prevent contamination. With ever-evolving compounding pharmacy regulations and standards, our cleanrooms are compliant with guidelines and protect your sterile products.

Data Center

CleanSpace creates environments that depend on highly controlled conditions. From small data centers to large gigafactories, our flexible dry rooms effectively and efficiently manage temperature, humidity, and dust contamination, all of which could be detrimental to centers’ operation.

Food & Beverage

When your mission is to safely feed the world, you need a reliable solution for picking, storing, and packing your product. Prioritizing effective environmental controls and efficiency, we design critical cold environments for the world’s top food and beverage companies.


From operating theaters to other healthcare spaces that demand a controlled environment, hospitals need high quality cleanrooms to provide the best patient care possible. CleanSpace offers cost-efficient, flexible solutions that meet the functional needs of these critical heartcare spaces.

Medical Device

Manufacturing medical devices requires precision and purity, two qualities that CleanSpace’s cleanroom solutions champion above anything else. We work closely with manufactures of these devices to define their specific needs, and then design cleanrooms that offer the efficiency, flexibility, and effectiveness they need to thrive.


As the demand for microchips continues to grow, CleanSpace supports their manufacturers by providing efficient and effective dry room solutions that ensure contamination doesn’t hold them back. Our modular construction systems mean microchip manufacturers can get to market faster with the support of an adaptable space.


CleanSpace is the only cleanroom provider that puts client experience first, allowing us to meet the needs for critical environments in any industry. Our proprietary modular construction system offers flexibility, adaptability, and efficiency, making it an ideal solution that can rise to nearly any challenge.


In the pharmaceutical space, our goal is our client’s goal: to enable safe products, free of contamination. We achieve that by providing efficient, flexible, and compliant dry rooms for manufacturing blister packaging, pills, liquid formulations, and other medicinal products.


To meet evolving regulations, pharmacies need to consider how to build the spaces in which they operate. Our flexible, cost-efficient cleanroom solutions help get pharmacies up to current regulations efficiently and effectively, so they can get back to the critical work they do every day.


The opportunity for producing semiconductors is enormous. To meet that demand, companies require critical environments that support today’s need and tomorrow’s potential for growth. CleanSpace provides effective, efficient, and repeatable dry room solutions to support the manufacturing of microchips, satellites, microelectronics, and all other technologies that depend on semiconductors.

Sterile Injectable

Creating vaccines and other injectables demands complete sterility. Using our deep experience in life sciences, CleanSpace designs compliant environments that support R&D, clinical trials, and manufacturing for such sterile injectables. We’re committed to providing the highest quality cleanroom possible, because the safety and success of these products depends on it.

Tissue Processing

CleanSpace creates critical environments that meet the demands of tissue processing facilities. Our proprietary modular system provides an efficient and durable solution for processing human material, standing up to all of the movement and manual labor typical in these spaces.