Cleanroom Products and Components

As the only cleanroom panel manufacturer who builds controlled environments and also sells panels to partners, we understand the criticality of the materials used. With tight tolerances, uncompromising finishes, and exceptional details, our cleanroom products solve the challenges you face in the field. We help you control the timing, budget, and quality of your project’s essential components by maintaining total manufacturing control in our Greater Atlanta facility.

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) Wall Systems

CleanSpace manufactures 2” self-supported or ½” thick stud-hung modular wall systems with all seams chemically cold welded together to create a monolithic finish that fits with all other system types. Our wall systems have superior chemical resistance properties. The 2” wall panel system offers a raceway at both edges of every panel to provide an electrical chase reducing on site need for conduit and service boxes.  Clients are able to retrofit to existing stud walls with ½” or 2”.
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Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) or Gypsum-Coated Wall Systems

CleanSpace PET (“polyethylene terephthalate”) or gypsum-coated panels provide a true cost-minded solution. These systems can also be integrated together in a program solution to provide optimal cleanroom performance balanced with other objectives such as cost and schedule.
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Cleanroom Ceiling Systems

CleanSpace offers both walkable and non-walkable ceiling panels. Select from ½” to 7” aluminum bespoke honeycomb or pan-style Sterideck systems that provide a service chase to encapsulate all wiring, teledata, low voltage, DP tubing, and service piping. These panels are manufactured in an environmentally-controlled line to ensure no delamination.
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Cleanroom Light Fixtures

CleanSpace works with both Kenall and LED Span to provide an array of choices from top access, bottom access in an array of nominal sizes 1 x 2, 1 x 4, 2 x 2, 2 x 4, and completely linear fixtures and beams. Linear lights that are gasketed and hermetically sealed, not caulked, ensure no raw metal edges when being exposed to cleaning protocols.
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Patented Serviceways

CleanSpace offers a flush and serviceable utility system that fits within 2” panels. The serviceway can be installed vertically or horizontally, CleanSpace also offers a customizable service chase: a cam-locked removable face to provide expandable service chases for future expansion.
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Glazed Windows

CleanSpace offers both single- and double-glazed windows for the full wall and half wall. Our full-height double- and single-glazed wall solution utilizes both top and bottom coves to maintain cleaning protocols. These can be used in viewing corridors or CNC space to provide governing corridors for organizations such as FDA or EMA ability to view activities.
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Cleanroom Doors

CleanSpace manufactures PVC, stainless steel, powder-coated aluminum, or fiberglass doors with fully flush mag locks and door access controls. Functionality ranges from manually operated through fully automated. Options include hollow-core, stainless, roll-up and multiple configurations.
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Cleanroom Door Hardware

CleanSpace’s standard door hardware package includes stainless steel pull handles, push plates, kick or armor plates, and stainless steel covered door closers. We provide magnetic interlocking systems with push button or wave-plate access and Go/No-Go Lights, which can be integrated with automatic door operators.
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HEPA Filtration Systems

CleanSpace utilizes trusted relationships and direct-purchasing agreements to best integrate and install air filtration systems. This ensures our clients receive cost effective and flexible options that match any and all specifications.
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Laminar Flow Systems

CleanSpace provides and installs a wide range of laminar flow solutions based on manufacturing specifications to meet the most stringent regulatory standards.
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Specialty Items and Fabrication

CleanSpace provides specialty items such as pass throughs, utility boxes, specialty gas-piped wall panels, grids and curtains, guard rails, lab casework, fire extinguisher casing, signage, bumper guards, gown room furniture/lockers, and more. We will fabricate whatever is needed.
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Cleanroom Flooring Solutions

CleanSpace offers a full range of flooring solutions. Choose from resinous, various thicknesses, chemistries, and finishes to suit your project’s requirements and budget. Our flooring systems can include epoxy, vinyl flake, and sheet vinyl systems.
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