Full-Service Cold Room Installers

A proven process for cold room installation that’s complete, functional, and repeatable. From cold room design to manufacturing and installation, our experienced team responds quickly and cost effectively to complex projects.

Cold Rooms Designed and Built at a Rapid Pace

Project execution from start to finish streamlines cold room installation.

Your controlled environmental chambers and cold storage rooms demand the most powerful temperature and humidity controls to protect sensitive research processes and value chains. Our turnkey cold room projects provide a coordinated and cohesive experience and prioritize clarity with our customers.

Cold Room Installers Who Put Clients First

CleanSpace met with us, listened and understood our challenge to grow our business very rapidly across multiple locations in the US.
Confidential Client

Lay a solid foundation for your project working closely with our experts right from the planning stage. Clearly review the budget, schedule, and scope for all project stakeholders to guarantee alignment with your objectives and to ensure predictability and successful implementation. 

Next, we coordinate the complex project elements, ensuring seamless integration and timely delivery.

Our experienced team leads on-site operations, guaranteeing adherence to quality and schedule.

We maintain the highest standards in every aspect of the project, from materials to workmanship.

Managing Complex Cold Room Projects from Start to Finish

Don’t let inexperience set your project timelines back. Our experts provide cold rooms often as part of larger facility builds or as clean cold rooms. We understand the intricacies of your entire project to ensure all clean spaces are operational on time and within budget.

Single-Source of Responsibility

A single-point of contact fosters a culture of openness, trust, and responsibility, leading to dynamic adjustments, higher quality outcomes, and enhanced client satisfaction.

Active Executive Team Engagement

Our top executive talent is not only in charge of your modular cold room project, but actively involved in the process. Every client receives individualized attention.

Industry Experience and Reputation

With 20 years of deep technical knowledge of complex clean space manufacturing operations, our team masterfully designs high-functioning cleanrooms.

Critical Solutions for Your Critical Environment