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Our team of industry veterans has over 300 years of combined cleanroom experience and over 3,500 completed projects under our belt. Our experts have designed, manufactured, and built over 20 million square feet. Headquartered in Doylestown, PA, CleanSpace is the trusted partner for industries requiring controlled spaces for their critical operations. Learn more about our team.

CleanSpace is a leading national firm known for designing, manufacturing, and installing the highest quality controlled environments. We provide unparalleled speed-to-market through flexible and scalable modular construction. Our cleanrooms, dry rooms, and cold rooms preserve the safety and integrity of production processes across diverse industries.

One company. One contract. One turnkey solution. A vertically integrated company, CleanSpace views cleanroom projects holistically and has the in-house products and services to design and construct a high-functioning, turnkey cleanroom. Our cleanroom and clean space solutions not only perform on day one, but also contribute to the long-term success of your facility. Through a distinct design philosophy, we consider personnel flows for optimized working conditions, material flows for streamlined operations, and process flows for efficient productions. Core service offerings include: architectural design, HVAC / mechanical design, panel manufacturing, project management, labor and installation.

From start to finish, CleanSpace can design, manufacture, and construct 4,000 – 5,000 sq. ft. cleanrooms in three months. Your clean space will be functional from day one. The earlier you engage CleanSpace in your project, the better we can coordinate with the other members of your project team. If you have an established AEC team, CleanSpace can provide seamless coordination and design assistance. By involving CleanSpace early in your cleanroom project, we can help you avoid construction and production errors and ensure that the cleanroom being built inside of a host facility works optimally.

CleanSpace utilizes tried-and-true tactics to ensure projects stay on time and within the budget. These include: ongoing VDC and BIM coordination, formal design reviews, construction coordination and logistics, integration with MEP systems, and close attention to details. One of the most important ways we ensure success is by using our pre-engineered modular construction system that delivers the highest value experience, especially when compared to stick-frame construction. Through standardized cleanroom panels and modular design and fabrication, we remain agile and flexible.

CleanSpace is the only cleanroom provider that puts client experience first. We learn how clients like to communicate through user group understanding, and then communicate often throughout the entire process. As a vertically integrated company, we can be involved in every part of the process. One point of contact creates efficiencies, mitigates risks, and drives greater outcomes across time, cost, and quality. We can coordinate directly with the client or provide coordination with AEC companies. Both receive the same collaborative experience. We always recommend engaging with us earlier in the project to refine the design, add modularity, and identify any problems to avoid rework. When engaged with clients early in the design process, we typically deliver a 12% increase in efficiency. 

CleanSpace is the ONLY design-manufacture-install company in the country that manufactures cleanroom panels but is not beholden to ONLY utilizing our own wall panel system. We recognize the wide range of cleanroom end applications and budgets. While we manufacture a best-in-class wall panel system, we are happy to utilize our deep estimating experience to provide the best solution for each client. Sometimes that means utilizing our system, other times it means designing and installing systems with different details. 

When it comes to design-building the most cleanrooms for the most stringent applications—ISO 5, ISO 6, and ISO 7, or BSL 1, BSL 2, and BSL 3 facilities—our vertical integration and panel manufacturing allows us the ultimate control over project cost, schedule, and scope. We will pull the necessary levers to meet your project demands.

We are serious when it comes to quality. If our cleanrooms fail, there can be dire consequences. We encourage clients to engage CleanSpace early in their projects. This allows us more control over timelines and more agility to commence activities. We also maintain a robust quality assurance plan throughout the process that extends from modular components to value-added construction services. We also ensure quality and compliance through best-in-class documentation practices, receipt verification, in-process inspections, and functional interlock testing.

Whether you are in the preliminary stages of finding a host building or are already working with an architectural, engineering, and construction partner, CleanSpace can help. We offer a variety of flexible solutions and can meet you wherever you are in your clean space journey. If you are building your own cleanroom, get started with CleanSpace from the outset. CleanSpace relieves the pressure of working with multiple vendors, and we can support the entire modular cleanroom process from design to turnover.  If you are an AEC partner building someone else’s cleanroom, we can panelize and modularize existing cleanroom design projects to reduce complexity. Our knowledge extends to helping you select project materials, fit, and finishes. Contact us today for ongoing or upcoming projects.

Any industry that requires a high-quality controlled environment can work with CleanSpace. From academic biotech and pharmaceutical companies, to animal health, to microchip and battery manufacturing, a CleanSpace cleanroom will meet the most stringent requirements. See all markets and end applications here.

You will work directly with CleanSpace’s executive team, leadership team, project managers, and skilled tradespeople. Our industry veterans take a hands-on approach and make decisions rapidly, which results in better outcomes. As a privately owned company, we are beholden to the client and dedicated to the project’s success. We view your cleanrooms as investments expected to be utilized for decades and strive to build lasting relationships and partnerships as well. Learn more about our leadership team.